my take: This book is a bit of an enigma. I really wanted to love this. Bookstore, Paris. What more could you want?! A believable story?

Which I get: it’s fiction. There are times when I’m willing to suspend reason and logic and just go where the author wants to take me. And there are times when I bump my nose against the mirrors in the smoke-filled illusion.

I didn’t love the idea that someone could prescribe a novel to cure you – that the main character could diagnose what ails you and treat it with fiction. Also, I found the love triangle a bit hard to swallow.

What I did love is the description of the French country-side as the bookstore travels downriver from Paris. It made me want to travel to France. Again. Now.

my source: Daughter Anne received to review; hers won’t be a glowing report, either.

my verdict: Semi-good feel good.