my take: This took a bit to get into and was well worth the wading at the outset. A combination of a who-done-it and Western chronicling the life of John Holliday (Doc) leading up to the shoot out at the OK Corral.

And this is much more than a Western. Philosophical, introspective characters populate Dodge. A thoughtful story which includes gambling, prostitution, moonshine, politics, religion, literature, education, war, race, wealth, health, calling, and a mother-son bond. Chock-a-block full of ideas.

Even with booze (red sangria and white wine spritzers) and a beautiful view, we stayed on topic for Book Chicks with most enthusiastically engaged (and a few who didn’t finish – it’s longish with small print).

my source: Book Chicks July 2016 pick

my verdict: Great read – highly recommend – even a summer standout