The Music Shop

my take: On a run-down street in 1980’s London, wander into a shop full of boxes of records and a guy who can intuit the need of a customer. Step into his listening booth – an old wardrobe fitted with a chair and headphones, reminiscent of stepping into the furniture that leads to Narnia – and hear the soul restoring sounds. Look around and see a cast of down-on-their-luck shop keepers trying to eek out a living. Catch a glimpse of the mystery lady in the green coat.

This music shop stocks only vinyl. It’s an exploration of the staying power of some art forms and the push for technology to be smaller, faster, easier. It’s an exploration in the staying power of community – if we stand together we make it; when we are divided we crumble.

I wish I’d seen during the reading experience the link for the Spotify playlist – find it whilst you read and enjoy the various prescribed songs. My favorite scene involves the “Hallelujah Chorus.”

my source: Daughter Anne

my verdict: Good feel good read … some might say a beach read AND the kind of thing you might need in a dreary season. Not as great as The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry or The Love Song of Queen Hennessy …  AND still worth a read.