my take: In this delightful tale, Harold is newly retired and bored, anxious, and quite sure he’s missed out on something important in his life, as in forgotten or failed a task. One morning he sets out down the road, similar to a Forest Gump run across the country, and begins a trek to find the woman he thinks he has slighted, who may be the missed opportunity to be kind, or do something meaningful.

Along the way he ruins his feet, picks up a following, and completes the ultimate hero’s journey … the interior odyssey of self-knowledge.

Ms. Joyce shows how ‘things’ become much other than the ‘thing’ and take on a life of their own, especially in life in the social media and 24/7 news cycle era.

Gosh, my feet ached in solidarity with Harold’s.

my source: HA! can’t remember. If you’re the person who suggested I read this five years ago or so, thanks!

my verdict: excellent feel good read