A dancer and choreographer, Ms. Tharp sometimes comes off a little sharp in this peppy, insistently life-affirming collection of ideas for aging well. I read the intro on Amazon and was smitten and inspired:

“I don’t promise eternal youth in Keep it Moving. I have no interest in sugarcoating the aging process. What I believe in is change and the vitality it brings. Vitality means moving through life with energy and vigor, making deliberate choices and putting to good use the time and energy that we have been granted.”

With practical tips like “quit taking mingy steps” to “take up your space” to squirming in bed before getting out for the day, Ms. Tharp aims to literally keep you moving. And she has ideas for keeping your life moving, as well, including no “kvetching” and breaking up with your past. The chapter titles are even kinetic: Make Change Your Habit, Bounce Back, Shut Up and Dance.

She’s into dance as her movement and allows for you to be ‘into’ whatever yours is; although I’m not a trained dancer, I think dance as a metaphor for living is quite apt. I appreciate that she is 78 – a couple decades older than I am- and still intent on moving and moving forward.

I like a clapping, time-tapping teacher in the life studio. 4/5 stars