A subtle who-done-it, or, actually who-done-what, set in a small cul-de-sac in England in the 1970’s during a heat wave as told by Grace, a 12 year old only child.

The title is a reference to a Bible passage about separating those who’ve attended to the needs of the humans around them, and those who’ve ignored them. It’s often used to say who is “in” and “out” of the kingdom of God. The trouble, of course, is, as the passage points out, we often think of ourselves as the IN when, in fact, we are failing to tend to others.

In the neighborhood, this plays out with separating others due to fear and perceived difference – race, mental health, age. As a psychiatrist, the author has some street credentials for illuminating the trouble this causes.

This was one of my all-time favorite discussions at Book Chicks – my sister led us through by going around the fictional neighborhood to peek in and see who knew what and who was hiding what. Several members were eager to read her other book.

Great discussion book 4/5 stars