I received this for Christmas and read before NYE … in two sessions. Which may speak to how much I needed reading time and/or how much I enjoyed the book. BOTH.

Charles, Lily, James, and Nan come from very different backgrounds and their worlds merge as couples at an interview for a pastorship at a church in NYC in the early 1960’s. Each of their life stories is told in back and forth fashion. Each of their understanding of “God” is shaped by their life experiences and each brings to the church a point of view that rounds out what “God” is and who “God” needs to be for humans.

I didn’t think the tone was overtly theological, more character and plot driven, although it was a bit “churchy”. As someone who has left “Church,” I found it highly interesting and inclusive of various views.

The style is easy reading and just what I needed. 4/5 stars.