When the cover of a book is your signature color and you loved the author’s TEDtalk? Surely gonna try.

Ms. McGonigal is as big an exercise nerd as I am, and she has the psychology pedigree to site all sorts of studies and science on the positive effects of movement on our bodies, brains, and souls.

She covers addiction, synchrony, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s, and the major effect of nature and music with movement (going so far as to name the songs that mean most to her in her aerobics teaching). She went world-wide for examples and brought in many kinds of physical activity: rowing, running, ultra marathons, triathlons, Zumba, Crossfit, walking, cycling, dancing, Tough Mudders, yoga and more. (Unfortunately, she did not talk about Pilates.) Her narrative is easy flowing and highly positive.

I am inspired to try new kinds of movement and to up my game. And I got some new dance party songs for my Bellicon rebounder.

5/5 stars because: EXERCISE NERD. For normal people, this is more likely a 4/5 stars.